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Carney Kelly, 38, Director of Product Manufacturing. 

  • You hired Carney almost two years ago to link the retail group to the manufacturing team in the plant.  He is a boy wonder, an engineer with a marketer’s mind, who spent 10 years in Asia supervising production lines for a US-based multinational electronics company.  He returned to the States in 2003 and went to work for SunPower Corporation in San Jose, where he helped streamline processes for manufacturing highly efficient reduced voltage-temperature coefficient solar panels for residential use.  He’s considered such a star in the industry, Perigee even has a photo and profile of him on their website.  A better project manager than people manager, he works best when he is by himself, and so it was not great surprise that he has not tried to fill the empty manager’s role in his group.  Mark and Gary, the founders, are unaware of Carney’s work style, although you are quite familiar with the situation and have spoken about it with him on several occasions. Carney's wife, Mary, who is one of your spouse's cousins, is undergoing chemotherapy for a rare kind of kidney cancer.

  • Salary: $105,000
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