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Jack Danella, 59, Director of New Product Development. 

Navy vet, old school, he has always bristled a little bit at reporting to you because he thinks he should have had the job himself, even though he only had one year of company experience when you arrived.  He was responsible for producing the second best product Perigee makes, a motion detector lighting system, and has consistently been a rainmaker. His productivity has fallen off recently, but he supposedly has some products in the pipeline that are destined to be sure-fire winners.  No one knows for sure, because Jack is conservative by nature and doesn't like to tip his hand about new products until he has every last detail buttoned up. And, because it is well known that Jack has friends among the competition, that secretiveness has always worried senior management.

  • Manages two New Product Managers on his team, both serving similar functions:  Karl Neumeyer (like you, a graduate of tiny Kenyon College in Ohio), whom you originally hired just after you started and before the Retail Division was created; and Neil Cassavettes, whom Jack hired last year when the new store leases were signed in LA.  Both of them show some promise, but are clearly first mates to Captain Jack. 

  • Also on Jack’s team is Lydia Espinoza, administrative assistant, who was hired only two months ago but is already seen as the glue that holds the department together.  Many people have commented that the New Product team would be lost without her.  Lydia, however, is not happy in her job, and recently filed a formal complaint about Jack because of what she perceives as derogatory comments about Latinos, though he denies it.

  • Salary: $115,000
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