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The San Diego Store has a Store Manager and five other employees. The total payroll is $187,000.

Based on the early success of the Henderson store, Perigee moved quickly to open a second store in 2008 in San Diego, securing a great location in the Fashion Valley Center Mall by signing an expensive 15-year lease with strict covenants.  Because most of the Board members live in San Diego, Mark actually hired his brother to run that store.

  • Lease convenant stipulates that Perigee pay a $90,000 annual penalty for early termination until the space is re-leased
  • Store Manager Salary: $60,000
  • Assistant Store Manager Salary: $30,000
  • Senior Sales Associate Salary: $26,000
  • Junior Sales Associate #1 Salary: $25,000
  • Junior Sales Associate #2 Salary: $24,000
  • Inventory/Maintenance Coordinator's Salary: $22,000
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